Photos Don’t Lie

Photos can reveal changes occurring on the face. Recent photos may show one side of the the lips to be slightly more puffy or a bit bigger than the other side of the lips.  Perhaps, one side of the cheeks is a bit raised than the other cheek.

We may blame the photographer for not taking our photos properly. Well! that was what I did when I was very much younger in my mid-thirties. Those thoughts flashed through my mind nowadays. Now, I realised it wasn’t the photographer’s lack of skill to take my photos at that time.  It was the changes that were taking place on my face.

ID photo taken in my mid-thirties showing right side of the lips and cheeks slightly more raised than the left.

During those days I did suffer from sinus problems. The sinus problems contributed to my poor health and terrible migraines.  At that time I didn’t realise those sinus problems also made me age at a faster pace. I wish I have known.  Even then, I wouldn’t have the know-how skills to unblock my sinuses, but now I do have the skills to share.

Some of us may attempt on ways how to look young. It was thought the cucumber slices can freshen our looks when we had puffy eyelids and looking tired. Thus, we placed cucumber slices over our closed eyes for a few minutes to help us to look fresh.

We look out for best beauty products to pamper our faces to enable us to look younger. To maintain our youthful look we went for facial treatments. Yep! those were my days too.  The money spent were enormous. I was not gifted with beautiful flawless skin, but there was always my hope to have a better facial skin. Like everybody else I do not like to age faster then it should be.

Remember the face we had. The face we’ve known when growing up.  As we grow older our faces changed. We said it is due to old age. We accepted this fact. The truth is we can change this perception.

In ancient days there was this theory the earth was flat. However, it turns out to be round. In this era it is widely accepted we should age as it is, but how fast should we age ???……..

When lots of mucus/secretion trapped in the nasal cavity and in its surrounding cavities day after day and for sure they accumulate.  Where would you think all these mucus/secretion will go?

Think for a moment ………………..

My answer will shock you. I am not a medical or surgical specialist, but I write from my own experience.  At this point, please see your doctors if you have not done so. My answer below is not to deter you from seeing your doctors.  It is equally very important for your doctor to examine your current health problem.

HERE IS MY ANSWER. Continuous blocked sinuses can have excessive mucus accumulating in them. These excessive mucus can cause our faces to gradually puff up long before we notice the eye-bags, frown lines, lines at corners of our lips, jowls, double chin and etc. All these changes occur without us noticing them.

Yes, we are the unfortunate people who belong to this group who suffer from excessive mucus, phlegmy throat, blocked nose and sinuses, migraines and the list goes on.

Perhaps, one day people will accept the fact that excessive mucus trapped in our nasal sinuses can change the way we look as we age. The trapped excessive mucus in our sinuses can also make us feel unwell most of the time.

Learning How To Clear Your Blocked Sinuses can be much easier than you thought if you have the know-how skills to do it.