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You may want to know who I am and I deem this is important.  I have a wealth of experience from my nursing career.  I am who whom you can trust what I have written are true.

I received my registered nurse training in England. After my nursing training, I worked as a registered nurse in Malaysia for several years before I took up training in midwifery.  Soon after, I embarked on further training to specialise as a coronary care nurse.

I worked in Malaysia as a staff nurse for more than nine years.  At the age of 36 years old, my husband and my son migrated with me to Australia. I worked as a registered nurse in NSW.   Eventually, I took up a Course to graduate to be a diabetes educator. After graduation I worked as a credentialled diabetes educator at a Diabetes Education Centre in NSW, Australia till my retirement.  Working in a full time career and looking after the family (husband, son and an Australian born daughter) life was always so hectic and time poor.

I decided to retire from work to dedicate myself to write to share on what I knew.  I could choose not to share. If only I could leave a footprint when I leave this world, and this is the decision I made to help those in the same predicament as I once had.